Who Is Your Legacy?

If you’re not a hockey fan you’ve probably never heard the name J. P. Parise.
 The former Minnesota North Star and Director of Hockey at Shattuck-Saint Mary’s passed away today after a year-long battle with cancer.  What caught my attention was a tweet by one of his former players:576d3643605c0b25b25b790adac31d5234e15318

“Not many people seemingly have all the right things to say, but JP Parise was one of them.  He was infinitely wise as he was kind. I will miss his wise cracks and his advice.  To someone who had such a huge impact on me as a person, au revoir.  May you rest in peace.” – Kyle Okposo

Who are the people you investing in and encouraging?  Remember, it’s not about having all the answers!  So often its just caring enough to show up and be there for someone else.  Ask yourself, who are the “JP Parises” in your life?  How have they encouraged you?  Take some time this week to thank them for investing in you.

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