Beyond Second String…

In January, I had the chance to visit Mosaic in Los Angeles and hear Erwin McManus speak. Something he said hit me hard,

“In my life I’ve never been the first one picked. I’m Plan B.  I’ve just been the guy willing to step up when they need someone to step in.”

The truth is I’ve felt that way a lot.  There have been times in my life when I’ve been angry at God and others because I’ve seen myself as “second string” in a world of starters. I’ve allowed that lie to justify pushing people away, keeping them at arms length, rejecting them before they have a chance to reject me. I’ve allowed that lie to keep me from the relationships and community that I need.

That weekend I was reminded that in God’s Kingdom there is no “second string.”  God has a starting role for everyone.  That God has a place and purpose for you and me.  Like Erwin said, “There are times when God’s just waiting to hear us say, “I want in.  God put me in.  Wherever you want.  Whatever you need…everything I have is yours.  I want to step up and put you first, your Kingdom first.”

That’s my prayer for us today.