A Personal Lament

This weekend I was scheduled to be out of town. However with the shootings and protests in Minneapolis, Baton Rouge and Dallas unfolding, I am grateful that I was able to be with my Cornerstone family.

In scripture we see a type of literature known as the Lament. A Lament expresses grief, sorrow, anger and regret in the wake of tragedy, death or sin. To lament is to display those heartfelt emotions through tears, weeping, and crying. Through words, song and writing in a way that cannot be missed by others.

My Personal Lament

I (we) live in a country divided by economics, the color of our skin and power. I (we) express regret and outrage, yet do not change or engage the injustice. There’s a word for that – hypocrite.

Lord Have Mercy

I (we) live in a world where it is so easy to blame others…I am; we all are…part of that word and struggle. I participate in that sin…

Lord Have Mercy

Let’s not be fooled when it comes to sin. When it comes to justice and judgment God begins with the church…with you and me. (I) We cannot sit by in a system we live in and helped created…then pretend…that injustice and racism is not “our problem.” I am(we are) wrong…

Lord Have Mercy

I (we) live in a world that sees #blacklivesmatter and want to respond with #alllivesmatter. Of course they do! However that’s not the point. To my African American friends I (we) have not listened to your hurt or pain. I (we) have done nothing in response to years of pain and suffering caused by the systemic racism you have faced. I (we) want you to know your lives and pain are real and you matter to me (us)…forgive me (us) …if you will, help and lead me (us) to change…

Lord, Have Mercy

I (we) live in a world where police officers and their families, now more than ever, wake up and wonder if they…if a mom or dad, a sister or cousin will come home alive after their shift.

Lord Have Mercy

Today I (we) mourn those who have been killed. I (we) mourn with the families of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Officer Brent Thompson, Officer Patrick Zamarripa, Officer Michael Krol, Officer Lorne Ahrens, and Officer Michael Smith. I (we) mourn for two-year old Le’ Vonte Jones and his 15 month-old sister Mela Jones who is recovering in the hospital.

Lord Have Mercy

This week I saw a post on Instagram that reminded me that when Jesus, encountered injustice, pain or racism instead of saying all lives matter said:

Samaritan lives matter

The lives of children matter

Gentile lives matter

Jewish lives matter

Women’s lives matter

Even though Jesus loved everyone – to the point of dying for their sin, He went out of his way to intentionally help specific groups of people – those alienated, mistreated and those facing injustice. Pray that I as a pastor, that we as Cornerstone will have the courage to walk in His footsteps…to do the same. If we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem.

Lord Have Mercy