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Message One In 15 Tweets

You can find freedom in tough circumstances!

  1. To struggle in life is not strange, unexpected or unspiritual it just means you’re human. #FreedomCSC
  2. Everyone experiences F.I.N.E. (Freaked Out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional) #FreedomCSC
  3. God has a vision for your life and God’s vision for your life is way better than your vision for your life.  #FreedomCSC
  4. When it comes to God’s vision for you the path you travel might not be the road you expect or choose. #FreedomCSC
  5. Right now 40 million men, women and children are modern-day slaves. Next week IJM will help us make a difference. #FreedomCSC
  6. When we get annoyed and react in anger we make bad decisions.  #FreedomCSC
  7. Freedom begins when we focus on Jesus.  #FreedomCSC
  8. Do you ever make bad circumstances better by obsessing about how bad they are? #FreedomCSC
  9. Nobody wants to attend the Pity Fest you are hosting. #FreedomCSC
  10. People who always focus on their circumstances become victims. People who focus on Jesus eventually experience victory. #FreedomCSC
  11. Freedom is when you learn Jesus is greater than the circumstance you are going through. #FreedomCSC
  12. Paul and Silas chose to worship instead of worry. To worship is understanding how small I am compared to how big God is. #FreedomCSC
  13. We are designed to worship. The problem is we often worship some pretty shaky stuff. #FreedomCSC
  14. Focus on what God has called you to do not what other people are doing. #FreedomCSC
  15. I’m not free because of what I can do. I am free because of what Jesus can do. #FreedomCSC