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How Can God Love Me? In 11 Tweets.

How can God love me?  It’s a question we’ve all faced.  The truth?  God chooses to love you -in fact His character and promises guarantee that love.  When it comes to Freedom you can’t get any better than that!  Here’s last weekend’s message in 11 tweets.  Click here for the podcast and study guide.

  1. Love is determined by what you are willing to seek out and sacrifice for…#FreedomCsC
  2. Two reasons we struggle to believe God loves us: past sin & present behavior. #FreedomCsC
  3. Understanding how much God loves you changes everything. #FreedomCsC
  4. God doesn’t love us because we are loveable. God loves us because he chooses to. #FreedomCsC
  5. God’s love has nothing to do with my performance. God’s love has everything to do with who He is. #FreedomCsC
  6. Being a sinner is a prerequisite to following Jesus. #FreedomCsC
  7. Religion says, “Clean up your own mess!” Christianity is where God says, “I cleaned up your mess through my son’s death and resurrection.” #FreedomCsC
  8. At Cornerstone we pretty much have one rule – no perfect people allowed. #FreedomCsC
  9. Most problems in life come down to the fact that we’re selfish. #FreedomCsC
  10. Do you know what Jesus calls people who bail and mess up? Friends. #FreedomCsC
  11. There is nothing you can do to stop Jesus from loving you. #FreedomCsC